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CLAYTON M. SHAVER - Vocals, Guitars
CHRIS I. SHAVER - Guitars, Drums, Bass, Vocals


released June 2, 2019

Recorded April-June 2019 @ Fief Fifty Studios by Chris I. Shaver
All Songs Written and Performed by Clayton M. Shaver/Chris I. Shaver
Keyboards on ‘In The Mountains...’ by Chris I. Shaver

Front Cover artwork based on photography by Will Truettner
Inner Insert and Disc artwork based on photography by Cristian Palmer
Band photography by Andrea Miron
Artwork, Logo and Design by Chris I. Shaver

THE MIDNIGHT TOWERS will appear in its entirety on the upcoming
full-length album, coming soon


all rights reserved



SHADU-NAR-MATTARU Armstrong, British Columbia

Conceived as a studio act February 2019 by Chris I. Shaver and Clayton M. Shaver (both original founding members of MORBID DARKNESS).

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Track Name: Shadu-Nar-Mattaru
(In the) unzoned wastes beyond
(At the) temples of twilight
I summon thee with a flaming sword
Thunder claps, deafen the hearing, shakes the earth
Lightning heats the dark coldness
(I'm here) to take the battle to the ancient watchtowers
Dethrone the enthroned
With magic, might and metal
Thrusting my sword into the earth

Father of the wind
To tread the forgotten paths - SHADU-NAR-MATTARU
Amid the wastes, into lands unknown
Amid frightful monsters of SHADU-NAR-MATTARU

Sea of spheres, governed by celestial spirits
Wander throughout eternity, among the dark spaces
Wandering demons (and) ghosts to the gates
Spirit messengers of the spheres

Walk with me through eternal night
Threatened spirits (are) wrenched loose (from the body) in flight
Walk with me through eternal night

Uncountable hordes of nightmare creatures, horror breeders
Dog faced demons, gods of prey, messengers of the unlight

Destructors arise from abyssmic graves
Ritual war of dark descent
Spells of necromancy hasten death
Venture forth into the pit
Battle with the horned one
(In the) Sunken valleys of the dead
Gods of madness, hellish queen of fury
(I am) the conqueror of the Netherworld
(Who) slew the fiends beyond death

Above thee is the sky filled with bat-like creatures
May the gods of the mountainous abyss shield me from nemesis
Track Name: The Hell Beyond The Stars
Tumbling through milky white air
Twisting, thrashing, screaming
(I am not) alone in these poisoned clouds
A venomous sky of black on red
A sky so hungry, mists of dread
Languishing screams above (the) crimson fogs
Vehemence dawns (over the) blood-soaked clouds

The hell beyond the stars
In this charnal netherworld, aeons from afar
We've fallen from this hungry sky, our destiny brought here to die
The hell beyond the stars

Death from above, dead down below
Bodies fly endlessly, the rain of death
Hurling from the sky towards their fate
Losing my fucking sanity with my breath
Surrounded by the red walls of death
The junkyard of humanity
Painted shades of red by death
Bleeding the blood of mankinds infamy

Death be merciful in this larder of hell
Stench of heated decay, blood and opened bodies
Thrown upon fields of mortal wreckage
Thousands lay dead more add to the carnage, arrive

Raise your head, open your mouth
And drink in the rain of blood
That never stops falling

The hell beyond the stars
The chthonic gods bring forth the wall, a chaos from afar
We've fallen from this hungry sky, our destiny brought here to die
The hell beyond the stars

Endless plains of the dying and the dead
This afterlife rotted away by disease
A thousand corpse mounds tumble and scream
This is thy kingdom of death - hail unto thee!

I am here to starve, rot and die
(or) eat of the dead, drink of the blood (to) survive

Raise your head, open your mouth
And drink in the rain of blood

(now) I will be king of this hell
The lord of the dark and the dead
As the red walls pulsate blood eternally
And the bodies continue to fly and scream
World of perpetual insanity
No exit, no way to return
I've lost my fucking mind
Amidst the piles of corpses
This earth (this) otherworld of blood
(what lies) beyond the walls of the dead
Will this blood storm ever stop?
(I will) walk (on) forth amid the eternal twilight
Track Name: Choking The Life Out Of Light
There are fiends of death, destruction
Terror, madness, mayhem and hate
That defy sanity and reason that bridge
The realm of reality
Things that choke the very life out of light
Ancient beasts, old gods, your demise, utter blasphemy

I've brought with me the darkness
A key to the realm of demons
The pitch dark, it smotes out the angels
It brings black death to your gods

Stifling their sacred cries - choking the life out of light
Suffocate with the hands of night
Choking the life out of light

I stab with the knife of night
Murder all those of the lords of light
A black eternity (awaits) atheists plight
Dark hands strangulate (all into) endless night
We're going to drag you into the shadows
And butcher askew your heart and soul
Blood drunk with the slaughters of tonight
(alas) we slit your throat and consume your life force

The attacking night, your flesh quivers
Seeping forth (from) the pores (of your skin) it attacks
Penetrates deeply into your goddamned soul
Locks it in tight, suffocates (then) tears it apart

Stifling their sacred cries - choking the life out of light
Suffocate with the hands of night
Choking the life out of light
This is the last candle I light - choking the life out of light
This will be my last heavenly sight
Choking the life out of light

Black moon, black seas, black abyss, black eternity
Black skies, black arise, black season, black sunrise

Enter twilight, awaiting suffocation
Exit into darkness, release asphyxiation

Strangulate the sunrise
Dawn, dusk, rise and fall at command
Choke the sun back down, away
Twilight ascends, darkness descends
Moonlight fades to deadly grey
Mankind hides in fear
Only warlocks stay
Enter the universe, dark the day
Dark be everything, now light is our prey!

The darkness closes around your throat
And presses really tight
You feel yourself choking
As a slave to the lord of night
Welcome to my netherworld
Welcome to my hell
Now you must die by the darknened hand
Can you feel your throat begin to swell?
Track Name: The Midnight Towers (Preview)
Mountains of the abyss

A journey from the skyless plains
Behold the gallows built from spines
From below, on brittle frozen ground
A crimson palm of ghastly scale
Thrusts forth to grip your broken minds

Beheld legions of inhuman shades
March down from the peaks of earthen blades
On battle mists, dank iron breath
Bloodless corpse-meat soldiers defeat death

The cadaver prince steps silently on ground of bone and gore and ice....
(to be continued)

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